De-tox Your Dressing Table

It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about de-toxes. After indulging in some of the best food you’ve had all year, the media encourage you to eat cabbage soup and water until Spring. All this whilst returning to work, faced with nothing but dark winter nights and the knowledge that the next public holiday isn’t until Easter. In our opinion, it’s the worst time of year to go ‘cold turkey’, especially when we’ve still got Christmas leftovers in the freezer! However, there are other ways you can get the buzz and feel-good factor of a fresh start. Why not de-tox your home instead?

Our advice would be to do small areas at a time. So if your bedroom is chaotic and you spend more time looking for your earrings than wearing them, why not follow up our step-by-step guide to de-toxing your dressing table?


  1. Place a white sheet on your bed and empty all your jewellery out onto it so that your entire collection is clearly visible.
  2. Label four small containers as follows: 1. Keep 2. Chuck 3. Not Sure 4. Give Away 5. Trial
  3. Now place all the jewellery that you regularly wear (more than once a month) into the container labelled “Keep”.
  4. Next sift through all the jewellery that is broken or has missing parts and place in the “Chuck” container.
  5. Now you need to get a bit more ruthless (and this is why we suggest to start small so that by the time you’re de-cluttering a large area, like the kitchen, you could challenge Phillip Hammond to a round of cuts).
  6. If there is anything that you have not worn for more than six months, has no sentimental or intrinsic value place it in the “Chuck” box.
  7. Place anything you are undecided about in the box labelled “Not Sure” to be tackled next.
  8. There are many reasons why an item of jewellery could fall into the “Not Sure” category.
  • If it’s because it has sentimental value but you don’t like it, think about whether a close friend or family member might enjoy wearing it.
  • If it is because the piece of jewellery is particularly valuable, then consider selling it (if this idea makes you feel guilty you can always donate the proceeds to charity).
  • If it is because you genuinely can’t decide whether you like it then, place it in the ‘Trial’ box and any items worn more than once over the next month can be kept.
  1. Now that you’re jewellery is streamlined and organised, it’s time to invest in some suitable storage to avoid any more cluttered chaos!

We’d love to know how you got on with Little Shop Of’s version of a New Year de-tox. Get in touch on Twitter and share your results or any tips of your own.

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